Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cuenca Mayor Assure Us All Is Well

Cuenca seems to be taking a pass on the national unrest in Ecuador. The mayor of Cuenca was just up on the news, pointing out that the local police do not intend to go on strike and insisting that all was going to be calm here.

We'll see. There are soldiers on patrol on the streets of Cuenca, though they are being quiet about it. Most shops are closed up, and the local bars are shutting down for the day to avoid the possibility of being looted. Still, the weather this afternoon is gorgeous, and it seems like most people are more interested in having a relaxing day off now that the national agencies and schools are closed than getting themselves into any kind of revolutionary fervor.

Even just a few hours into knowing about it, my impression is that locally we all have gone on high alert JUST IN CASE but probably not much is going to happen, at least until it gets dark and the beer supplies run down. Even then . . . I can smell roasting meat from the neighbors. BBQ night, perhaps? I mean, I don't want to make light of their civil unrest here, but I've seen worse in China when they rioted in Shanghai. Going to do some other things for a bit until I have more news!


  1. Thank you for the positive post! All is well in Cuenca and the word coup is being misused by the media. I appreciate your use of the terms "national unrest" and "police strike" as they are much more appropriate! Enjoy your dia libre!

  2. No problem! We're keeping an eye on the news and I guess some people are gathering in Parque Calderon {likely for photo ops}. Otherwise, it's a very relaxed day, really. Quite happy to be here vs. other parts of the country at the moment, and looking forward to chilling for the rest of the day.