Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pants From The Past

One of the fun things about moving abroad is coming back to visit your closet in America. Suitcase weight limits keep going down (when I went to Japan, it was 75 lbs, and now you get 50 lbs with some places pushing for 30) so you have to be really careful about what you're packing. Since I tend to do things like pack George Foreman grills into my luggage (no, really, I did that) it means I'm often short on clothes.

The bonus of staying in Ecuador is that this time when I went home, I just brought a few things to wear with the rest of my suitcase for bringing things back. Really important things. Really, really important things, like the 4 lbs of pretzel M&M's I got for Christmas, copious amounts of orange scented Arbonne goods, and pants.

Ah, pants.

The particular pair of pants inspiring this post entered my life circa 2007. This means they are Ann Taylor pants, since 95% of my wardrobe in those days came from Ann Taylor. Something about working in HR for a risk management department may have been prompting that. They are dress pants, and I thought they might be good for the need-to-look-older while teaching thing. Also as a break from the three other pairs of pants I have in EC, which are all jeans.

The issue was that I was a bit sickish over the holidays, and I didn't do a lot of the closet review and room cleaning that I had originally planned. Instead, I just admired my closet for most of the break, and then threw a few things in at the last minute without trying them on.

This morning, I needed the pants, and I was just hoping against hope that they fit.

And they did. It was awesome! I practically skipped to class, and refused to put off by the lack of taxis on my way or the ennui of my students when faced with the history of the World Bank Group. It'll be on the test, kids, and did you know my pants fit? Bwahahahahaha . . . ahem.

Old pants that fit, people, is my happiness for today. What's yours?

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  1. Pants are great. I actually just had this conversation yesterday with a co-worker. The reason is that my brother gave us a bunch of gift cards to Banana Republic for Christmas, so I went out and bought pants for the first time in two years. That's also a good 20-25 pounds ago, the result being that I have been wearing pants that my wife altered, but that still have more fabric than I need.

    Well anyway, yesterday I wore my first new pair of pants. And damn, I really looked good. I've got to say, pants that fit are really terrific. The fact that this has been revelatory is kind of scary. The fact that this revelation is sweeping the Americas from EC to CA can only mean a global pants satisfaction trend that will carry us through 2011. Right?