Thursday, June 10, 2010

Two Flavors Of Awesome: Zombie and Chocolate

It has been a very busy, busy couple of weeks of traveling. It's like I've adopted a new theme song based on the number of miles I've tacked on the car:

The worst part about that song? Half the places he names in that song are places I've been or are going just in the last three months. And that includes Alaska.

So it's not exactly a surprise that I'm getting a little travel weary over here. Fortunately, in all this running around, I've discovered several slices of awesome out there in the world. Some of them will get their own listings and just forgive me if they are out of order. Two, however, I feel the need to mention here.

First, the flavor that eats you: Zombie.

I was gifted with an audiobook of World War Z, which is about a zombie plague that threatens world existence. Just stop laughing now, because it's so good it's unbelievable. Told in a series of interviews by different character voices (including Mark Hamill aka Luke Skywalker and Alan Alda from M*A*S*H) the audiobook describes the near end of the world thanks to an outbreak of zombies.

While not a hysterically funny book, it is subtly amusing and very thought provoking. You can even play "Would I have survived?" with the risk calculator on the official website. I'm only at 43%.

World War Z was written by Max Brooks (son of Mel Brooks) and the movie version is supposed to be out in 2012. Fun trivia? The guy who bought the rights to this, thinking it would be a good movie, is Brad Pitt. But whatever about him, right? You need something good to listen to or read this summer, I'm pegging you with World War Z, and if you see me I give you permission to borrow my copy of the audiobook.

Next, the flavor you eat: Pretzel M&Ms

I showed up in North Carolina and was presented with a bit of chocolate salty crunchy deliciousness the likes of which I had never seen before.

Pretzel M&Ms

I don't even know if you can buy these in Nebraska. But so help me, I will find out. Writers need chocolate to function . . . or at least this one does, and the better the chocolate, the better I work. The bag of these that I sampled is sadly empty, so this post will close with a small plea: Somebody find me more of these!


  1. I am skeptical of the first one, but the second slice of awesome you offer up there sounds magical. I'm going to have to go out in search of those soon.

  2. MMMmmm . . . also, did you know they sometimes have coconut M&Ms?

    As one who drives to work, I think you would like the WW Z for a second logistical reason - it's broken up into a lot of small segments. This makes it easy to jump in and out of the text. Also, since each interview is its own story of the war and complete unto itself, it is easier to digest that some of the long audio books.

    You may also like listening to how they repurpose California for the war time effort.

    And really, I'm dying to quote this at people, so I need more people to listen!

  3. I'll admit to being intrigued. I have about 10 books piled up on the table by the window waiting for me to start reading again. The case that had me flying and driving to God-knows-where had a HUGE deadline yesterday. (I've worked 21 of the last 22 days, the only break being the Indian wedding day.) So I'm hopeful to get to some of my list. I have been staring at the third Stieg Larsson book since it arrived from Amazon three weeks ago. And I promised myself I'd finish the book I'm in first. So hopefully I'm going to have time to read. I'll have to look at this one next time I'm in the bookstore though. It just might make the cut.

    Also, did you know they had coconut Hershey kisses for two Easter seasons in a row...and then NOT this year?! The first year we bought two bags, and savored them. Last year we bought like 15 bags, and they didn't run out until November. This year, we were going to try to stock up for the year...and then they NEVER CAME TO STORES! That's a tragedy.

  4. As I discovered on my recent trip to Ecuador, it has some of the best dark chocolate in the world. And it supplies a huge chunk of the rest of the world with it. They then add stuff that makes is not nearly as good.
    Enjoy it while you're there! Pastor Laurie