Sunday, August 22, 2010

What Do You Do With One Aspirin?

So I went to the pharmacy for my friend Pete yesterday, because I was going to town anyway, his head hurt, and there were no painkillers in the house. I explained to the nice man behind the counter that my friend's head hurt and could he please sell me something like aspirin?

He did. One. That would be a single pill in a blister pack, 34 cents, thank you.

What do you do with one aspirin? I mean, yes, take it, but really, people buy these one at a time here?

Apparently so - you should have seen the look he gave me when I said, "You know, I really meant a box when I said I wanted aspirin."

Eyebrows up, mouth open. "A box?"

"Yes, please," I said.

That came to $8.50. Hmmm . . . too much since all I had was a ten and wanted snacks.

So we settled on half a box, because apparently you can do that, too. Do people not keep this kind of thing in their homes by the bottle here? Weird, weird, weird.


  1. do they sell Aleve? Tylenol?

  2. Don't assume they have those brands - generics are big here. However, one pill at a time seems to be a standard, and blister packs are way more common than bottles.

  3. do you need a care package of the normal stuff? would that even make it through customs or whatever?

  4. I don't know if a care package of normal stuff would make it through - they have some weird product restrictions in Ecuador. For example, you can't bring in baking powder. I guess they caught too many people using it to cut cocaine, so bye-bye, basic baking tool.

    Save on shipping and just bring yourself ;-) Start piling pennies now and I'll see you in Jan-Feb?

  5. hah. girl i can't save pennies. every penny goes to my bills and trying to eat here. but if i find a sugar daddy in the mean time i'll come visit. as long as it isn't hot. because we both know i hate the heat.

  6. Yeah, bills suck. Good luck! Cuenca doesn't get hot hot - it is nothing like NC! So start sugar daddy hunting and I'll start hoping for a lottery win for you, too!