Friday, February 12, 2010

Featured Freelancer in AWAI Newsletter

As some of you know, I am a member of the American Writers And Artists, Inc. It´s a part of the Agora, Inc. learning and publishing empire, and I have taken a few of their training courses.

Recently, I responded to a call for statements about living the writer´s life. . . not expecting to see myself mentioned in the next newsletter! And yet there I am, congratulated on the AWAI main page and featured in their February 11th newsletter.

Here´s the text from the newsletter:
  • Two AWAI members who are traveling the globe … and why the "Writer's Life Rocks" for them:

    Olive Wolfe is using her writing and photography skills to publish her first blog ( Olive says, "[In 2009] I was in the Czech Republic once again and stayed in the Gustav Mahler hotel in Jihlava, led a tour to a Tuscany cooking school, returned to India in the Cochin in the Kerala province, then back to my old stomping grounds in London for the holidays."

    Wow! Talk about living the dream. And …

    Jen Adams has always been deeply passionate about travel, but was tied down to specific locations because of her work in corporate HR. Since becoming a full-time writer in 2008, she's been able to travel freely and pursue her passion.

    Last year, she spent time in Argentina, Austria, Belgium, and England. This year, she's embracing her freedom even more, wintering in Cuenca, Ecuador.

    Jen explains, "My clients don't know that I'm on the road so much. Thanks to the Internet, I can work continuously even as I roam. At 29, I'm living the life I dreamed of as a child, but didn't expect to have until I retired. My time is my own – I can work on interesting copy, deal with interesting people, and explore interesting places. I wouldn't trade it for the world!"

    It's a brave, new world out there, and AWAI members seem custom-made for this change in thinking and attitude.

If I´d been thinking, I would have included a link to my blog, too, but hey. . . a shout out by name, even if they asked for it, totally made my day. Thousands of my writing peers see that newsletter, and I couldn´t be more thrilled!


  1. Congrats!!! Live that dream for all of us!

  2. That is totally awsome! I wish I could live your dream!