Thursday, February 4, 2010

No Snow, Just Foam

I looked out the window of the cafe today and was surprised to see that it looked like it was snowing in the street! What a horror, right?

Fortunately, it isn't snow. . . it's just foam being spewed from an upstairs window at passing cars. And I'm lucky it's not water balloons!

You see, the carnival week is coming up, and the local tradition is to pelt each other with water, usually in the foam of squirt guns and thrown water balloons. Recently, foam has also become popular as it is less damaging on clothes. Thus, in the weeks before the carnival (February 14th is the main day) everyone starts testing out their ammo.

Girls get to be especially targeted, although I've seen more than one school girl at the bus stop by my house turning the tables. I'll confess that I'm planning to get in on the mischief.

My apartment, you see, overlooks a bus stop. Crowds of people gather there throughout the day, just below my dining room window. We've decided that if we get a hose, we can pretty much go to town on the locals from above with very little chance of retaliation, even from the nine year old kids with supersoakers as big as their heads.

He, he, he . . .sanctioned mischief. Is that a holiday or what?

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