Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A $20 Adventure At The Cuenca Dentist's Office

I can't stop running my tongue over my teeth and smiling in the mirror today.

I've been to the dentist, and I couldn't be more pleased.

Recommended by a friend who had his entire mouth redone, Paula Dominguez has a simple office located just off Solano on Daniel Cordova Toral. It's behind the Colegio de Benigno Malo for those of you that are landmark driven. The building is a part of a longer strip of clinics and consultants offices. I made by appointment by phone - she speaks some English, but her husband is fluent, and so they work it out that way (cell: 097 - 868908).

When I arrived, she greeted me and asked after my teeth. I didn't really have any problem to report, other than having not been to the dentist's office in about a year. I'd already been planning to come to Ecuador, and I knew dental services were cheaper done here, so I'd been putting it off. In Ecuador as well they don't really have dental technicians, so even basic work is done here by the doctor.

She put me in the chair and then DANG, did my teeth ever get cleaned. She did an amazing job, checking over each tooth and cleaning them all twice, I swear. She even took the tooth polisher and cleaned my tongue, which tickled like crazy but was kind of fun, too.

Then she brought me a mirror so I could check out my smile and WOW. It looked like I'd had a whitening treatment, as she'd somehow managed to remove all evidence of the bazillionty trillion cups of black tea that I drink on a regular basis.

Total cost for an hour of high touch dental cleaning? $20. Totally worth it, as I couldn't be more pleased with my mouth!


  1. I have to go to the dentist and doctore soon for routine stuff and am not looking forward to the huge bills. At this point I am wondering if it would be cheaper to fly down there to get myself checked out cheaper. How much is a physical from a doctor?

  2. You can get a basic physical for under $50, including all the blood work. Same day check ups, too.

    Depending on your flight costs, you can save a lot having your work done in Cuenca.

  3. I am the friend that "Jen" referred to about having his whole mouth done. Dr. Paula Dominguez is EXCELLENT! I had bridges, porcelain vaniers, root canals, replace all of my mercury fillings and on and on... Here in the states about $30,000 with Dr. Dominguez in Cuenca... $$2,200 I also had to have my Prostate removed. In the states: $80,000+ there in Cuenca with 6 surgeons, 1st class hospital and overnight stay and followups: $2,800 Look around people there are options out there. We no longer have to be afraid to go out of the US for medical services anymore. Oh, and the outcome of the surgery... PERFECT!