Monday, March 1, 2010

Facebook Takes 22 Days To Fix Account Problems

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls. . . 22 days after the original hijiacking, my Facebook account is back!

*golf claps for the Facebook security team*

While I am thrilled to have my Facebook account back, I am still so underwhelmed by the Facebook security team's response to this whole thing that I just don't even have words. Which is pretty impressive, since I make my living doing 300 - 500 words on almost anything under the sun. For an massive organization, either Facebook doesn't monetize well enough to have sufficient customer response to handle a security issue in less than 3 weeks, or they've got a bunch of high schoolers running that show in their free time.

In other news, guess who no longer recommends setting up a Facebook page to any business? First two guesses don't count . . .


  1. Woot! I friend requested you again....are you EVER on Google Talk anymore? :(

  2. I like that you filed this under "Facebook Security Stinks". The chances that you need to use that label again are, sadly, quite high.