Sunday, January 24, 2010

Internet Connections In Cuenca Ecuador

After several days of fighting with the Porta system, I have come to terms with a rationed Internet life here in Cuenca. Apparently my unlimited wireless did indeed have bandwidth limits, which I exceeded in about five days. Oops.

I learned this after braving the Porta customer service office in Cuenca, where I learned many things about my Internet account, and my Spanish. Basically, both are not nearly as good as I want them to be at the moment! I did manage to temporarily top up my Internet account, but plowed through that almost immediately trying to catch up.

Basically, in Cuenca there are several different ways to have Internet. Cable Internet solutions are only available in some parts of the city, so most home users have a kinds of USB modem/dial up system. Etapatelecom and Porta both provide services. In talking with longtime residents, costs are upwards of $60/month for what would be generally considered an acceptable connection comparable to what you might have in the US.

There are also pre-paid plan options, which entitle you to 100 MB of up/down Internet per 24 hour period. I'm looking into these, as my regular monthly plan through as arranged by my landlord doesn't renew until the 8th of the month, and I need the Internet for work! It is about $3 for these plans, but I am not sure where to buy the cards, as some of the Porta stops I visited only deal with phones. A Monday adventure, for sure.

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