Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tea With Lime

The waitress just brought me my tea with a full bottle of brown sugar and a slice of lime. I've never in my life had tea with lime, and I think that's going to be where I draw the line.

Yesterday I had mystery meat with my set lunch, which turned out to be croaker. I knew it was a kind of breaded fish when it appeared on the plate, but since I'd been thinking I was getting pork chops it was one of those just-roll-with-it moments. Can't honestly remember the last time I ate fish.

Today the set lunch had a soup I didn't know, although I am back at the Cafe Austria for the wi-fi armed with a computer. I thought I would see if it was a kind of corn chowder, which was my first guess. Uh, no. Sopa de arveja is split pea soup, which I've never had before either. Not bad, though. Better than the fish.

On tap for the evening: I've scored an invitation to a birthday party at Bar Inca from some teachers in the cafe. Who knows the birthday boy? No one. That's not the point. The point is expat together + beer = potential friend making. I'll keep you posted.

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