Friday, January 29, 2010

No, I Am Not Writing A Travel Guide To Cuenca

I was working at the Kookaburra Cafe in Cuenca today, using my mobile Internet plug (I'm on rations--40 MB of bandwidth a day. It's criminal). A girl from California popped her head in asking about the wi-fi, which is one of the things NOT offered at the awesome Kookaburra Cafe.

I volunteered to let her look up something quick on my computer, because I have a lot of sympathy for disconnected souls. I know that pain. Anyway, she wanted to sit for a while with some wireless, so I whipped out a piece of paper and gave her my list of places to go for free wi-fi in Cuenca and some commentary on their service levels, food, and ambiance.

Pow-pow, I powered that thing out in less than 2 minutes. I mean, those places are my homes away from home, basically. I know the waitstaff by name, it's that sad. So her jaw drops and she's like, "Are you writing a travel guide to Cuenca or something?"

Yeah . . .no. I may write articles about life in Cuenca, and the existing travel guides are in desperate need of updating, but that's one project I will take a pass on, thanks.

Still . . . it's nice to be a resource! Guidebooks on Cuenca are really crappy about the stuff visiting gringos really care about like wireless Internet points, laundry services, and accurate information on safe zones/danger zones in the city.

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