Sunday, January 31, 2010

Reasons To Love Cuenca: The Music

Today I've had the chance to have my spirits lifted by music on a number of occasions. It's one of the reasons to love being in Cuenca - Ecuador has a great tradition of live music.
  • There was a parade today on my street. I have no idea why, and some of the marching bands were truly helpless, but the costuming was enthusiastic and there really is nothing like a brass band, even if they're bad!
  • Next to the church behind my house, there was a man singing guitar solos. His voice rang out from the midst of the flower stall in glorious slow ballads as I made my way to the supermarket.
  • The gazebo in the park had a three piece ensemble doing some kind of local flamenco-y music.
  • Just now, over dinner, strolling musicians hit my cafe, with guitar, song, and dance. They played "Cancion del Mariachi", which is one of my favorites. You can hear a version of it sung by Antonio Banderas in Desperado below:

There's also a regular chorus of church bells and the street sellers will sing from time to time, too. Truly a very musical city!

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