Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wi-Fi Hotspots in Cuenca Ecuador

Most of the wireless hot spots in Cuenca are concentrated in the downtown area. This list of Cuenca's wi-fi hot spots is something I'll revisit as I find more locations:
  • Cafe Austria: Medium speed wireless. Open 7 days a week, but not until after 9 am. Only one power outlet, near the emergency exit, which is always ajar so you may get a bit of a draft/chill on cooler days if you need to plug in.
  • Parque Calderon: Etapatelecom operates a wi-fi hot spot in front of the tourist office. Slow. Also, in attempting to work here, was repeatedly interrupted and told the areas was a dangerous one in which to have valuables, especially computers. Ridiculous PITA to work here, consider it an emergency usage point.
  • Cafe Eucalyptus: More food options than Cafe Austria's limited menu, but also more limited opening hours. Weekends not open before 5 pm, although it is open until 2 am Friday and Saturday.
  • Bar Inca: Drinks, view over the river, and football (American college & NFL) in season.
More to come as they are found!

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